rust-lang/rust other

Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

48572 stars     7164 forks

26 stars today

gfx-rs/wgpu-rs mpl-2.0

Rust bindings to wgpu native library

1099 stars     145 forks

49 stars today

linebender/druid apache-2.0

A data-first Rust-native UI design toolkit.

2536 stars     193 forks

0 stars today

redox-os/termion mit

Mirror of

1352 stars     96 forks

47 stars today

996icu/996.ICU other

Repo for counting stars and contributing. Press F to pay respect to glorious developers.

251828 stars     21092 forks

6 stars today

haimgel/display-switch mit

Turn a $30 USB switch into a full-featured multi-monitor KVM switch

576 stars     33 forks

1 stars today

cloudflare/quiche bsd-2-clause

πŸ₯§ Savoury implementation of the QUIC transport protocol and HTTP/3

3822 stars     238 forks

15 stars today

bevyengine/bevy mit

A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust

4174 stars     288 forks

8 stars today

zombodb/pgx mit

Build Postgres Extensions with Rust!

785 stars     20 forks

0 stars today

dabreegster/abstreet apache-2.0

A traffic simulation game exploring how small changes to roads affect cyclists, transit users, pedestrians, and drivers.

5015 stars     131 forks

4 stars today

gfx-rs/gfx other

A low-overhead Vulkan-like GPU API for Rust.

4262 stars     483 forks

1 stars today

spacejam/sled other

the champagne of beta embedded databases

3962 stars     178 forks

40 stars today

gtk-rs/gtk other

GTK+ 3.x bindings and wrappers for Rust

1252 stars     99 forks

1 stars today

xd009642/tarpaulin other

A code coverage tool for Rust projects

928 stars     95 forks

2 stars today

rust-lang/mdBook mpl-2.0

Create book from markdown files. Like Gitbook but implemented in Rust

5031 stars     595 forks

7 stars today

diesel-rs/diesel other

A safe, extensible ORM and Query Builder for Rust

5995 stars     564 forks

3 stars today


A curated list of static analysis tools for all programming languages, config files, build tools, and more.

7815 stars     899 forks

4 stars today

benfred/py-spy mit

Sampling profiler for Python programs

5984 stars     225 forks

7 stars today

bytecodealliance/wasmtime apache-2.0

Standalone JIT-style runtime for WebAssembly, using Cranelift

3822 stars     341 forks

3 stars today


A wide linear algebra crate for games and graphics.

397 stars     34 forks

0 stars today

bodil/vgtk other

A declarative desktop UI framework for Rust built on GTK and Gtk-rs

565 stars     21 forks

0 stars today

neon-bindings/neon other

Rust bindings for writing safe and fast native Node.js modules.

4811 stars     190 forks

4 stars today

clap-rs/clap other

A full featured, fast Command Line Argument Parser for Rust

4870 stars     475 forks

3 stars today

rust-lang/book other

The Rust Programming Language

5826 stars     1591 forks

0 stars today

tokio-rs/tracing mit

Application level tracing for Rust.

983 stars     170 forks

0 stars today

dandavison/delta mit

A viewer for git and diff output

5062 stars     95 forks

4 stars today

lambda-fairy/maud other

:pencil: Compile-time HTML templates for Rust

905 stars     56 forks

1 stars today

tokio-rs/mio mit

Metal IO library for Rust

3875 stars     462 forks

0 stars today

timberio/vector mpl-2.0

High-performance, vendor-neutral observability pipelines.

5328 stars     328 forks

6 stars today

iceiix/stevenarella other

Multi-protocol Minecraft-compatible client written in Rust

597 stars     31 forks

0 stars today

danielpclark/rutie mit

β€œThe Tie Between Ruby and Rust.”

397 stars     33 forks

0 stars today

Geal/nom mit

Rust parser combinator framework

4327 stars     491 forks

0 stars today

tantivy-search/tantivy mit

Tantivy is a full-text search engine library inspired by Apache Lucene and written in Rust

3996 stars     237 forks

1 stars today

getzola/zola mit

A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in.

4212 stars     367 forks

4 stars today

rust-lang/cargo other

The Rust package manager

6037 stars     1243 forks

1 stars today

fdehau/tui-rs mit

Build terminal user interfaces and dashboards using Rust

3596 stars     180 forks

0 stars today

ClementTsang/bottom mit

Yet another cross-platform graphical process/system monitor.

906 stars     25 forks

2 stars today